[Insert Customer Feedback Here]

[Insert Customer Feedback Here]

[Insert Customer Feedback Here] is an installation piece that I created in early 2012. The hardware consists of a microcontroller with audio playback capability built into an old telephone. The microcontroller rings the phone periodically, and upon the handset being picked up, prompts the listener through a series of questions about their satisfaction with an unnamed service offered by an unnamed business. Depending on how the listener answers these questions with the keypad, the operator gets more or less irritated, and the hold music becomes more of less aggressive.

Below is a video of myself going through one of the possible series of questions and answers.

For this installation I used an Arduino Duemilanove with an Adafruit Wave Shield. On the SD card for the Wave Shield I have all the audio files for the text to speech questions and responses that the “operator” asks and gives. I have one of the digital pins on the Arduino hooked up to the speaker in the phone that was originally used for speakerphone, and I’m using the tone() function to generate square waves for the ringing of the phone. I even wired it in series with the original speakerphone volume slider so the volume of the ringing can be controlled. I also have all the LEDs in the phone hooked up to a different digital pin on the Arduino that I alternate LOW and HIGH during the ringing to flash them. The phone conveniently has a switch connected to lever underneath the top part of the handset cradle which I use to detect when the handset has been picked up or replaced. The remainder of the digital pins not used for the Wave Shield, the LEDs, the speaker, or the handset detecting lever (a whopping four), I wired up to up to the numerical keypad; specifically keys 1, 2, 3, and #.

Here’s my code:

Here are pictures of the phone with the cover both open and closed.